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Simply Books presents... The Mystery of Wallis Simpson with Anna Pasternak


Date: Wednesday 25th September

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: St Michael's Church, St Michael's Avenue, Bramhall

Wallis Simpson. You know her name, you may know her as 'that woman', but do we know who she really was?

On the 11th December 1936 Edward VIII’s abdication plunged the British monarchy and its government into crisis. Determined to marry Wallis Simpson – the American divorcee who had become his obsession – the King didn’t pause to consider for a moment that she, not him, would be blamed for his history altering decision.

Hated by the male-run establishment and the royal family for disgracing the throne, Wallis has been cemented in history and in the public's’ consciousness as the destroyer of the British Monarchy: a conniving and heartless social climber, intent on obtaining a title. But in truth she was a warm, witty, engaging woman, adored by her friends, as real, self-conscious and insecure as any of us, and painfully aware of her fateful role in history.

Join us for a fascinating evening as biographer and journalist Anna Pasternak  delves into the life and legacy of one of the most misjudged women in British royal history, seeking to understand an unusual and complex woman, and the untenable situation she became embroiled in.

Tickets: £10.00


If you need an alternative number of tickets please give us a call at the Bookshop 0161 439 1436!